Warning!! – Making a Live-Action Marketing Video may be more costly than you think.


 live-action videos can be costlyLive-action videos are everywhere and increasingly marketing videos of all styles are being used by every type of business. Whether its for external marketing purposes or internal business reasons, more companies are creating live-action videos to explain their business, promote a product or simply demonstrate how to use something. Everyone with a Smart phone has access to a digital video camera.

But not all live action videos are created equally. And it’s often quite obvious the difference in quality and production values. With this comes significant differences in costs.

In this episode of Video Marketing 2.0 podcast, your hosts, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, talk about the major factors that determine the real costs of making a quality live-action marketing video.


Live-Action Video Costs

  • Equipment
  • Video Production Crew (Director, Sound Engineer, Lighting Engineer)
  • Actors
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboard
  • Location set up and permits
  • Set Design
  • Makeup and props
  • Post production and editing software

 What You’ll Learn

  • What are the key cost factors in making a live-action video
  • Why an experience video director can make a difference
  • The importance of planning when making a live-action video
  • Why scriptwriting and storyboard creation are crucial factors in making a live-action video
  • The hidden costs of live-action video versus animated videos

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