Video Marketing is going through a dramatic change – similar to what happened over a decade ago when the Web 2.0 revolution transformed how we use the Internet for commerce and engagement. Instead of being a cool add-on to your existing marketing content, video is quickly becoming a mainstream event. Here at Video Marketing 2.0 we’re leading the discussion about this exciting new paradigm. From the specifics of how to create a video to the broader questions of how to leverage video’s power, we’ll be talking to entrepreneurs and industry leaders who’ve used video marketing to propel their businesses. So we hope you come back regularly for more. It’s going to be a fun ride.!

Show notes

Each episode of Video Marketing 2.0 will feature a show notes page with more information and links to items discussed on the podcast.

Also, many episodes will have a Video Tip. Look for these directly in the Video Tips section or find the link on the Show Notes page.

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