Modern marketing is increasingly synonymous with video marketing. And video marketing is changing rapidly. In how and where it’s used and in increased production values. However, the most important change is how it’s becoming data and analytics driven. Which is why the Video Marketing 2.0 podcast team is always on the lookout to talk with industry leaders who have a pulse on the direction of this exciting aspect of modern business.

So on this episode we talk with Jeff Gadway and Kari Gow of the leading video marketing analytics firm Vidyard about where video marketing is heading and the upcoming video marketing summit, called Viewtopia. We’ll talk about how this digital marketing summit will help attendees learn from both thought leaders as well as seasoned practitioners with ‘under the finger nails’ information.


Where and When – San Francisco Wednesday Nov 9 and Thursday Nov 10

Take the first step to increase your knowledge of digital marketing – learn both strategy and practical hands-on video production and marketing techniques.
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On this Episode

Section One – State of Digital marketing Today.
Section Two – Getting ‘Granular’ – the nuts and bolts of Viewtopia

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Where digital marketing is heading
  • What are the major dynamics that are changing digital marketing into the future?
  • Why Vidyard’s video marketing conference is worth attending
  • Specifics on attending Viewtopia
  • Who should attend

About out Guests

Jeff Gadway –  Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard
Kari Gow – Special Events coordinator at Vidyard

About Vidyard
Vidyard is a pioneer and leading global provider of Video Marketing and Video Analytics solutions for marketers, sales teams, and corporate learning. 

Key Topics Covered at the Viewtopia Conference

  • Using video strategically throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Expanding your use of video without blowing your budget
  • Simplifying video creation for anyone in your business
  • Creating interactive and personalized content experiences
  • Using audience insights to improve demand generation results
  • Fueling Account-Based Marketing with personalized content
  • Understanding the latest trends in video technology
  • Developing a winning video strategy and getting buy-in

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