Video Marketing is becoming an essential tool for  any online business. But you don’t need a large video marketing budget to get started. Obviously there are costs involved. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ‘get into the video marketing game’ sooner rather than later. The cost of creating even simple videos is getting lower all the time. There are lots of marketing videos that can be made for under $1000, $2500 and $5000.

On this episode, video marketing hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty go granular about how you can create business videos on a shoestring budget.

On this Episode

Section One – What are the cost factors in creating a video budget
Section Two – What kind of videos you can make with budgets under $1000, $2500 and $5000

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How videos can project a sense of authority
  • Why using videos can help a small business compete against the ‘big boys”
  • How a small business can use video marketing effectively
  • What type of marketing videos a small business should be using.
  • Which marketing channels work best for small business videos
  • Type of Videos that a Small Business can use

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