Video Marketing underwent some dramatic changes in 2015. There were a lot of new developments, new analytical tools, new initiatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the growing use of interactive videos, the phenomenal growth of videos being watched on a smart phone or tablet.

On this episode, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty provide an annual year end review of the state of Video Marketing.

What You’ll Learn – Top Ten Year in Review Items

  • Facebook Video marketing explodes – It’s Facebook VS YouTube – see Episode 7, Episode 15
  • Video Analytics and Video Hosting – becoming more sophisticated and important – Episode 8, Episode 14, Episode 21
  • Video is Everyone – It’s not just for external marketing, but also internal marketing – Episode 20
  • More companies using video – Video is accessible to everyone.
  • Mobile devices are driving force behind Video Marketing 2.0
  • Video Marketing is a real thing. When more professional conferences popup – that’s when you know that it’s real. – Wistiafest, Spacecamp. Vidcon,
  • Video Marketing 2.0 podcast is launched – Perhaps the single most important event of 2015 (Shameless Self Promotion!) – Episode 1
  • Content marketing is the new paradigm. Video is becoming one of the preferred methods
  • Twitter making another big push into video (VideoNow) – Vines – Episode 17
  • Interactive videos and personalized video marketing is on the horizon – Episode 22
  • Collaboration is a critical component in effective video marketing – Episode 3, Episode 18
  • Healthcare – could be the next big frontier for video marketing – Episode 11
  • Show – Don’t Tell. Video is about the power of great visuals – Episode 9

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