Video is Everywhere! And it is quickly becoming the best media for building relationships. Because most video is of people, audiences feel a real connection. The real objective of video marketing is not get more views but to influence behavior.

But video creation is not for everyone. It takes the right team –  the right combination of individuals and collaboration to get the message across. Often marketing videos are created by individuals who do not understand how to tell a story, don’t understand that writing for the screen is about writing for action and forget to establish a clear purpose for the video.

In this episode of Video Marketing 2.0 podcast, your hosts, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, discuss these topics and the future of video marketing with Sourabh Kothari, Head of Rich Media Marketing at Cisco, who manages more video campaigns in one week than most marketers do in an entire year!


With the increased emphasis of doing business via the internet and social media, and the growing predominance of smart mobile devices for content delivery, the playing field has become quite level and  a business does not need a massive audience for quality video marketing to pay off. In fact, the investment in quality video  has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing approach, especially when using a series of videos. The old advertisers model of more views = more success is no longer the rule of the road.

Video is also not just for external marketing  purposes. It is for the entire marketing funnel, including internal buy-in. Video can and should be used throughout the funnel, for retention, renewal, loyalty and building long term relationships with clients and employees.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the use of video is not just for external business marketing
  • Which individuals should and should not be involved in the video creation process
  • What are the future trends for video marketing. How it will be used more effectively
  • Why video is one of the most powerful means to convey information.
  • How video turns a monologue into a dialog.

Information about our Guest

Sourabh Kothari is head of rich marketing media at CiscoSourabh Kothari
Head of Rich Media Marketing – Cisco Systems

For over 15 years Sourabh has managed teams that drive B2B rich media marketing experiences combining audience targeting, content marketing and digital engagement best practices for customers, partners and employees across six continents. Together, under his guidance, his teams have produced numerous episodic video programs and more than 2,000 webcasts driving significant pipeline and over a million views on YouTube. To date the team has received 2 Emmy nominations, a Webby and 16 Telly Awards!

Watch/Listen to Sourabh’s recent presentation at the Spacecamp Video Marketing Conference in SF

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