The Video creation process can often be complicated. Especially for those that have not gone through it before. There are a multitude of project management and workflow challenges that put a premium on having an efficient collaboration mechanism in place. Unfortunately up to now there has not been a single online software program that can handle this for video creation.

In this episode of Video Marketing 2.0 podcast, your hosts, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, discuss with Dan the solution that he and his team have created at Slope ( to make the video creation collaboration process more efficient and cost effective. Slope is a media collaborative platform for marketing and creative teams. Slope is a media collaboration platform for marketing and creative teamsDan Bloom is the cofounder of Slope


In 2013, Dan Bloom and his partner started out as a video agency in Detroit, and worked with some amazing companies creating video content. They  loved telling stories, but hated the process of managing files, organizing projects, and collecting feedback during the approval process. After searching for a solution (and failing), they hacked together their own inefficient process of 5-10 different software tools.  And with that a new business idea was born. In 2015, they entered the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle and raised a seed round from Bizdom Ventures Venture for America , and Angel Investors.

What You’ll Learn

  • What are the most critical areas of collaboration in the video creation process
  • What’s at stake from a ‘bungled’ and “mismanaged’ collaboration
  • The problem that Creatives often have in working with a team and with clients
  • How Slope is modeled after the successful components of Github
  • The 3 current components of the Slope software solution
    • Asset Management
    • Project Management
    • Approval Process
  • How the Process Analytics module measures the creative process

Information about our Guest

Dan Bloom, cofounder
(888) 483-8779

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