The thumbnail is cover art for your marketing video. And when it comes to marketing, the first impression is so critical. It’s critical to the success of a video marketing campaign that the first image that people see of your video is one that is interesting, engaging and will entice viewers to watch the video. However, deciding upon and creating good video thumbnails is usually an afterthought.  It’s important to create a strategy for using thumbnails that incorporates who the audience is and where they will be viewing the video.

On this podcast, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty give a broad overview of the video thumbnail and provide some best practices for video thumbnail creation and strategy.

On this Episode

Section One – What is video Thumbnail and why it’s important
Section Two – Best Practices for creating a video Thumbnail

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • What is a thumbnail.
  • How to create a thumbnail
  • Best practices on what type of thumbnails work best
  • Specifications for creating thumbnails for YouTube
  • Creating different thumbnails for different target audiences
  • Why you should continual refresh your thumbnails
  • Why creating a thumbnail strategy is important

Resources and Links

YouTube – How to upload/Choose a Thumbnail
Wistia – How to fix common Thumbnail Mistakes
YouTube Creator Academy – Thumbnail Tutorial

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