The cardinal rule in sales is to always ask for the sale.  That is the power of the Call to Action. And it’s no different with a marketing video. Every marketing video should direct the viewer to do something immediately after viewing it. The call to action, which usually comes at the end of the video is an often overlooked component of the entire video. A lot of emphasis is put on the engagement and getting people to watch the entire video. The call to action is there to lead the viewer to take a further step down the sales and marketing cycle.

On this episode, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty go into detail about the importance of a clear and simple call to action, where and how to use them and what calls to action work best.

On this Episode

Section One – Why the Call to Action (CTA) is important
Section Two – What are the best practices about using a call to action
Section Three – How to use a call to action when a video has no soundtrack

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Why Calls to Action (CTA) are often overlooked
  • What are the most effective calls to action
  • Where in the video to place your call to action
  • What to avoid when creating a call to action

Resources and Links

Great Call to Action Examples



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