Business on Tapp is an online app that connects small business owners into a thriving sharing communityIn the words of  Melanie LoBue, content manager at Business On Tapp, an Endurance International Group company, believes that the power of a good marketing video is in the Showing and less in the Telling.  It’s the visuals that are the exciting element and bring a business product, service or brand to life.


In this episode of Video Marketing 2.0 podcast, your hosts, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, discuss with Melanie how she and  her team at Business on Tapp used video marketing to drive engagement, launch a new mobile app and create a thriving online community of small business owners.


As the content manager for Business On Tapp, Melanie is responsible for a overloaded plate of activities and responsibilities including video marketing content, placement, strategy and outreach.  From her earlier career days as a high school teacher, she understood the power of the videos to teach and convey informMelanie LoBue is the video marketing manager at Business on Tappation in an engaging manner.  As she explains in this interview the trend is quite obvious – Video trump Images and Image trump text.

In this regard information and instructional videos such as screencast ‘How-to’ videos are very popular because viewers can relate and learn a lot quicker than reading actual instructions. As Rand Fishkin from says – it’s easier to show versus writing about it.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Business On Tapp used video marketing to launch it’s new mobile app
  • The power of the visual versus written text
  • The importance of creating a comprehensive business video strategy
  • The phenomenal video engagement metrics that the Business On Tapp videos produced

Information about our Guest

Business On Tapp
Melanie LoBue, Content Manager

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