5Keys to ScriptwritingGood scriptwriting is like a seductive dance. It draws you in, builds to a crescendo and then leaves you wanting more. Marketing videos are a synthesis of good storytelling, wordsmithing and visual images. The connective tissue that holds it all together is the video script. It’s the beginning stage of the video production process, but determines so much of what happens ‘downstream.

A good video marketing script is made up of 5 key components, each one with a specific purpose and all having to work together to produce a smart video that gets the intended results.

The Five Key Components

Initial hook  (5- 10 % )- Typically, what you want to do here is let the viewer know that you’re talking to them. There are several ways to do this. You could address them by their position (“As a busy executive”), or go right into a problem or issue that concerns them very much (“World hunger is a threat to us all.”) The key here is identifying the audience and speaking to their concerns.

The Problem/Story (30% of script)- This is where you expand on the previous section a bit and go into the pain points in a bit more depth. The goal here is to convince the viewer that you get it. You understand the difficulties they face and the frustrations they experience. These first two parts are all about gaining the viewer’s trust. Think of politics, like Bill Clinton biting his lip and saying “I feel your pain”. That’s what you’re doing here. Showing them that you’re on their side, as a precursor to leading them forward.

The Value ‘Bomb’ (One key sentence): This is where you hit them with your value message. In many videos, this part of the script tends to be glossed over, but it’s so important. Try to get this down into one sentence, and even then, a short, concise sentence. If you want the viewer to remember any one line from the entire script, it’s this one.

Imagine the benefits: (40%) This is where you bring the product to life and connect it’s capabilities directly to how it’ll improve the viewer’s life. This is not the time to focus on the product features. Remember, the focus should always be on the viewer and how the product will benefit their life. And don’t leave anything up to their imagination. When done right, the viewer should be able to clearly imagine how this product will make things better for them.

Powerful close:(5 – 10%) The goal of any video is to get people to do something after they watch. So you’ve got to give them a reason to pursue the product further. Maybe there’s more information awaiting them on the website. Maybe there’s an offer, a free demo, a free trial. Tell them what they can get and tell them where to get it.

What You’ll Learn

  • Talk to the audience. The script is not about ‘you’ but about ‘them’. Write with an external view in mind.
  • Explain how your product will make your audience feel – explain the value not the product.
  • Always start writing with your Best Sentence first. All the rest will flow from it.
  • How much time each section should take up in the entire video script.


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