One of the core objectives of video marketing is to create a ‘conversation’ with you potential customer, your existing client and even you internal team of colleagues. Personalized Videos are perhaps the most effective method to have this one-to-one ‘talk’. This video technique is one of the most immersive techniques for engaging the video viewer.

On this podcast, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty talk with the Jeff Gadwell, Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard, the company that’s leading the charge with this cool new video marketing technique about immersive videos in general and the specifics of Personalized Videos.


The concept of Mass Customization is not new. It has been employed for decades now in different manufacturing and retail endeavors. However, it is only now being applied to the certain areas of marketing. And Personalized Videos are one of those.  As marketing automation has become more sophisticated, companies are able to harness the power of their marketing data using platforms such as Salesforce, Act-On, Marketo and others to create Personalized Video campaigns that yield click-through rates that were unheard of until recently.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a Personalized Video and how it turns a regular video into a ‘conversation’
  • Why a Personalized Video instill ‘trust’- how it creates a sense that someone is talking to you directly
  • Specific examples of the phenomenal ROI using Personalized Videos
  • Case Studies that show click through rates increase by 500% and more
  • Where and How to use Personalized Videos  for both outbound and inbound marketing
  • Which companies can benefit most from using Personalized Videos

Examples of Personalized Videos

Vidyard outbound video – An example of an outbound marketing video to a potential new client.

Act-On Holiday Video – An example of a ‘Thank You’ to existing customers.

Information about our Guest

Vidyard_logoJeff Gadway
Director of Product Marketing
As the world’s leading video marketing platform, Vidyard can show you exactly how viewers interact with your videos. This means you can continuously improve your marketing strategy based on measurable results. Along with hosting your video content, Vidyard reveals who’s watching your videos, and for how long with detailed viewer analytics and engagement data you can push directly into your MAP and CRM. Check it out at

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