It’s shaping up to be a defining fight in the video marketing revolution. Do I use an Animation style video or a Live action video style? Do I stick with something that I know; real video of real people, real scenery, real products – that is Live Action even though the costs can get to upwards of $500 per seconds? Or do I fall for the charms of good animation, premium illustrations and great characters even though I am unfamiliar with the process?

On this podcast we give the case for each. And then we leave you hanging to decide for yourself. (What? you thought that we would be able to choose one over the other? As video marketing experts we love both of animation and live action.

In the end there are lots of style options to choose from when making a marketing video. Each deserves a good look before making a final decision. Or you can even combine styles and can elevate the quality and sophistication of your marketing video to new levels.


 What You’ll Learn

  • What are the key advantages of Live Action or Animation Video styles
  • What are the key disadvantages of Live Action or Animation Video style
  • What factors to consider when choosing one style over the other
  • Why scriptwriting and storyboard creation are the same crucial factors in making a both a live-action or a animated video

Live-Action Video Advantages

  • Has more emotional range than animation (the human face naturally emotes better than animation)
  • Can tell a personal story, human expressions
  • Easier to use for comedy
  • More authenticity, especially useful for tangible products
  • Shows people and products in real world environments
  • Production time can be shorter
  • Production costs can be less (depending on the quality level required)

Animation Video Advantages

  • Gives a more sophisticated and unique feel. (everyone is used to live action)
  • Easier to edit and modify
  • No need for location, actors, lighting and other pre-production headaches
  • No ‘political correctness’. Can use racial neutral characters

Live Action Video Disadvantages

  • Can be much more costly, especially when a professional crew is needed
  • Harder to make edits/modification down the road (less ‘evergreen’)
  • Poorly produced videos look cheap
  • Live action is everywhere. Need good production values to ‘stand out’ from the crowd

Animation Video Disadvantages

  • Can come across as too ‘cartoonish’ or too ‘juvenile’
  • Doesn’t do human facial emotions well
  • Can’t do real landscapes or real products
  • Animation editing takes time. Cost are directly related to the length and sophistication of the animation.

Examples of quality live action and animation videos

Live Action:  Shutter,  Instaply

Animation:  Rubber Club, Fastest

Combination:   GlowblNeedsmatch

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