Immersive video is the new thing in 2016. And Immersion is the new buzzword replacing Engaging. And it’s only natural because as marketers, we want our audience’s undivided attention. And how better to achieve this than to get the viewer completely immersed in message. This has always been a challenges for marketers, far beyond the scope of just video. With so many other distractions at our fingertips, especially on the device we use to view videos, it’s an ongoing challenge to keep a viewer ‘glued’ to the screen.

On this episode host, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, immerse you in a discussion of how to make your videos immersive as well as engaging.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Why Immersion is more important – and more difficult to achieve – than engagement.
  • Different video techniques to make an immersive Video
  • Why Interactive Videos, Personalized Videos and 360 Videos lend themselves to an immersive experience
  • What makes a video Immersive

Important Links mentioned in the podcast

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SnapApp – Interactive Video – Description
360 Video – What video marketers need to know right now

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