Marketing Videos are about telling business stories through the use of visuals. However, almost all videos include a soundtrack and voice over. And it the quality of the voice over is critical to the over production values of the video. Now it’s obviously possible to record a voice over using a smart phone or even a computer microphone. But, not highly recommended. On this podcast, we talk about what to focus on and  what to avoid when doing or hiring a voice over artist for your marketing videos. Listen as Brendan Carty, Head Writer and professional Voice Over artist goes in depth on this topic.

These are the three things to look for when hiring a sound artist

  1. The sound quality of their recording equipment
  2. How are they connecting to the script
  3. Quality and timber of their voice. Is this a voice you want to ‘listen to’.

Tip – When working with a voice artist – provide 3 adjectives that you want them to think of during the voice over recording

Typical professional voice over costs
Voice Over Artist – $200 – $500
Fiverr – $5 – $50

What You’ll Learn – Top Ten Year in Review Items

  • What to look for when hiring a voice/sound artist
  • What are the typical costs for a professional voice/sound artist
  • Should you choose a female or male voice artist
  • When you should choose to use accents
  • Do you record the voice over before or after the animation

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