Creating a Personalized Video is somewhat different than producing a regular live-action or animated marketing or explainer video. There are not only specific production techniques but also different marketing considerations to take into account.

On this podcast, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty continue their conversation with the Jeff Gadway, Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard, and get ‘granular’ about the do’s and don’ts involved in creating an effective personalized video marketing campaign.

What You’ll Learn

  • At what point in the production process should you start planning for personalization
  • What are the key production considerations
    • Keeping the items to be personalized “Square” to the screen
    • Minimizing the “yaw” of the object
    • Maintaining the right ratio between the size of the personalized object and the information that will go into it
  • What are the key marketing considerations
    • How much personalized information you will be using
    • Who will you be sending these videos to
    • Moderation is key – don’t overdo the personalization component of the video
  • Why personalized videos are an ‘added-value’ investment
  • Why personalized videos are an ‘insurance’ policy to maximum Click Throughs and Click to Open rates
  • What are the main cost components
    • Number of video projects
    • Number of recipients

Examples of Personalized Videos

Reltio – An example of an outbound marketing video to a potential new client. This is the template for the video before it is merged with the actual user information


Information about our Guest

Vidyard_logoJeff Gadway, Vidyard
Director of Product Marketing
As the world’s leading video marketing platform, Vidyard can show you exactly how viewers interact with your videos. This means you can continuously improve your marketing strategy based on measurable results. Along with hosting your video content, Vidyard reveals who’s watching your videos, and for how long with detailed viewer analytics and engagement data you can push directly into your MAP and CRM. Check it out at

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