Buildium is one of a growing number of Software as a Service, or SaaS companies to use video to grow their business. The use of video marketing is especially suited for these online cloud computing companies. Not  only can they use video for onboarding and client acquisition, product launches, product announcements such as upgrades and perhaps more importantly for client retention. The use of video for SaaS companies is a powerful method of telling the story of a complex and often very technical message in an engaging and more personal manner that resonates with all viewers.

On this podcast, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty have a free flowing and engaging conversation with Thad Peterson, Director of Product Marketing at Buildium, on all of the ways they use video to support their business.

On this Episode

Section One – How and Why Buildium uses Video in their business
Section Two – Lessons Learned & Specific Results from Using Video at Buildium

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Why Buildium is using Video to grow it’s Cloud Based SaaS business
  • What types of videos does Buildium use
  • The Single Most Important video that a SaaS company can use
  • How over 55% of Buildium’s customers prefer video over other forms of communication
  • What style of video – animation, screencast, live action works best
  • The power of Testimonial Videos for sales and inbound marketing
  • The phenomenal experience Buildium has using the Wistia video hosting and analytics platform

Examples of SaaS marketing Videos

About our Guest

ThadPetersonThad Peterson is the Director of Product Marketing at Buildium
Buildium is a property management software company

10 Ways Mere Mortals Use Video Marketing
A Keynote Presentation at 2016 WistiaFest Video Marketing Conference


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