The Call to Action is a bookend to a marketing video. It’s the opportunity to have a directly ‘ask’ your viewer to do something. Whereas the video thumbnail provides the first impression and ‘invites’ people to view the video, the Call to Action ‘invites’ people to take action based on the visual and story of the video that they just viewed. The Call to Action can put the entire video message into context with specific requests.

On this episode, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty build on a previous episode and give specific examples of Calls to Actions and what you can, should or should not ask your viewer to do upon watching your marketing video

On this Episode

Section One – The CTA (call to action) should directly ask your viewer to do something
Section Two – Examples of CTA’s. What CTA’s to use based on where the video is hosted and viewed.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Where to use the Call to Action in a video
  • Examples of effective Calls to Action
  • Different types of Calls to Action
  • Why a marketing video with a weak or no Call to action is less effective

Resources and Links

How to End Your Video
Great Call to Action Examples



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