Businesses of all sizes have realized the power of social media on their marketing strategy, but Facebook video ads are emerging as the hidden treasure. Creating successful video ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are an excellent way to share a company’s story direct to consumers in an impactful way. However, making effective marketing videos requires understanding what is working and what fails to provide results. There are so many components to creating a video ad that appeals to and engages your audience, but if you get it right the reward can be substantial.

On this podcast, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty have a discussion with Jace Vernon, owner of the video marketing company Yinc Marketing. They will discuss ways to use Facebook and Instagram video ads to increase ROI and improve the overall marketing strategy.

On this Episode

Section One – How to use video for Facebook and Instagram ads
Section Two – Specifics on properly using Facebook and Instagram video ads

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How Yinc Marketing uses video ads to increase ROI
  • What makes a successful video ad campaign
  • What are the standards in making video ads
  • How to budget between the various social media platforms
  • Best Practices for using video ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Growth in Facebook Ads increased 50% from 2015 to 2016
  • Video posts average 62% more engagement than photos
  • Facebook users view over 4 BILLION videos a day

About out Guests

Jace Vernon builds businesses. Fresh out of college he started his first business. Which grew into a multi-million dollar company. Mistakes were made and eventually it all ended in disaster. Lessons were learned and his philosophy needed to change. In one year he read 150 business books which propelled him into other ventures. Now he runs and operates 2 other companies, YDraw, a producer of premier whiteboard videos, and Yinc Marketing, one of the fastest growing digital agencies.

Examples of Videos mentioned in the podcast

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