The Smart phone is changing the landscape of Video Marketing for small business. Now  EVERY small business should be considering using videos from the get go, because more people are accessing websites and getting relevant content directly from those small hand held devices. No longer can small businesses think they can put off using video to tell their business story.

On this episode, hosts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty lay the case for how important video marketing is – especially for smaller businesses and how it can ‘level’ the playing field in a competitive business environment.

On this Episode

Section One – Laying the case for why Video Marketing is important for any small business
Section Two – What kind of marketing videos are especially effective for Small Business

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How videos can project a sense of authority
  • Why using videos can help a small business compete against the ‘big boys”
  • How a small business can use video marketing effectively
  • What type of marketing videos a small business should be using.
  • Which marketing channels work best for small business videos
  • Type of Videos that a Small Business can use

Some Examples of simple animation styles that are great for limited budgets
Simple Stick Figure Animation

Simple Flat 2D Animation (great for budget videos)







Resources and Links

Let us show you how you can create a video that can be used for your website, social media and for multiple target audiences.

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