To produce a marketing video requires the collaboration of different professionals. This episode describes the dynamics of a productive video production client – agency relationship.

Approaching the relationship between the stakeholders for producing an explainer video or other type of business marketing video as a partnership is important. It’s critical that all sides and individuals understand and have the same passion for the production values.

In this episode we emphasized that the key to a great video production is having all stakeholders on the same page, working efficiently toward a common goal. The video tip exercise for this episode is brief questionnaire that will determine your Collaboration Score and let you know how ready you are to work with others to produce a great marketing video. It doesn’t take long to take the quiz and share your Collaboration score with us.

What You’ll Learn

  • The video production process can be complex
  • To create a marketing video requires diverse skills
  • Good communication is a key to a successful production process
  • Knowing how to collaborate drives video production efficiency

Video Tip

Your Collaboration Score

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