ShorterisBetterB350x250When it comes to videos, shorter is generally better. The optimum length is between 30 – 90 seconds. This episode of Video Marketing 2.0 explains why.

A shorter video requires one to hone the business message to the essential story. A good marketing video should focus on one key message and craft it to engage a specific target audience. Marketing videos that are packed with too much information risk losing the audience before the core message can be delivered.

In this episode we talked about an interesting blog post from Wistia written a few years ago. They confirmed how engagement (as measured by the number of viewers who watched a video in it’s entirety) dropped off considerably as the length of a video grew. Click here to read this article.


What You’ll Learn

  • A shorter video is generally a better video
  • What is the optimum length of an explainer video
  • Why shorter videos are better for engagement and attention

Video Tip

How you can shorten your video and make it better

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