Just posting a video on your website, social media  or youtube is great for some exposure. But it’s no guarantee that your videos will be viewed. Don’t despair. There are many other distribution avenue you can utilize to get maximum exposure. On this episode we are going to revisit this very important topic.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Why it’s important to have a content distribution strategy – BEFORE – you make the video
  • Make a different versions of your video – specific to the distribution channel you use
  • Use Thumbnails as Click Bait
  • Know you audience and their viewing habits
  • Place videos above the fold on your website
  • Other tricks and tips
      1. Insert link in Email footers and signatures
      2. Slide share (on LInkedIn) – great for B2B
      3. Insert in Press Releases
      4. Insert in Blog posts and Guest Blog Posts
      5. Insert in Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
      6. Insert link on Comments on others posts
      7. Start conversation and insert link in Linkedin Groups

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Episode Links and Additional Information

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