A good marketing video gets one's attention early7 Ways To Get Someone’s Attention with Video

In this episode of Video Marketing 2.0 podcast, your hosts, Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty, discuss seven different mechanisms for getting someone’s attention using video.


The biggest hurdle for any video is the first ten seconds – how to hook the viewer so that they stick around for the entire video. It’s a tough challenge, but with a little style and know-how, you can grab the viewer’s attention early and never let go.

The Seven Attention methods

Mystery – Curiosity is an extremely powerful motivator, and when you leverage people’s natural desire to know, you can get them to follow you just about anywhere. Like this one.

Shock – This is where you grab the viewer from the very first frame with a sensory surprise – through engaging visuals, exciting music, or both. Here’s one.

Acknowledgement/Validation – Speaking directly to the viewer can be a powerful touch. It makes them feel like they’re part of an interactive (and sometimes fun) conversation. Like this one.

Disruption – It’s like the slow-burn version of shock. First, you draw the viewer in, then you pull the rug out from underneath them. When done right, it’s incredible.

Framing – A common approach with explainers, this technique is all about letting the viewer know that you understand their problem and the world in which they live. Like here.

Reward – Instead of waiting until later in the video to reveal the big product benefits, why not get to them right away? This approach works well if you have a special offer to promote, as well.

Authority/Reputation – Establishing trust is a key goal for many marketing videos. That’s why it can be very effective to lead with your credentials – let the viewer know that you’re serious.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to grab people’s attention early
  • How different products lend themselves to different techniques

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