Effective video content strategy is not about volume – it’s about precision. As the use of video becomes the predominant method of conveying content, especially for consumer facing videos on social media, it is of utmost importance to develop a video content strategy that incorporates seven core principals. And no matter where you place your video; whether its on social or your own site, it needs to be driven by channel specific content.

On this essential podcast episode host Joel Goobich gets Michael King, Content Marketing “Ninja” to explain in detail how you can create your own video content strategy.

On this Episode

Section One – Why a video content strategy is important.
Section Two – What are the major keys to a video content strategy.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • The 7 Major keys to a successful video content strategy
  • Why a content strategy is core to a successful video marketing campaign.
  • Why you can’t ‘plan’ for a viral video – nor should you
  • How to tailor the content experience to the marketing channel
  • Best Practices for video content creation.
  • Why developing “persona’s is important.
  • Specific tools to use to create ‘persona’s

About out Guests

Michael King, CEO of IPullRank

The Major Keys to Video Content Strategy

  • Set Tangible Goals
  • Determine what and how to measure
  • Know your audience – Segmentation
  • Understand the options for channels
  • Know what your audience wants – use keywords
  • Validate – leverage data and testing
  • Get Buy-in from everyone

Links and Resources mentioned in this podcast

Slideshare of Mike King’s WistiaFest Presentation – Major Keys to Video Content Strategy
Facebook – Audience insights tool
Google – Affinity Audiences

Market Research Firms – Lifestyle profiles

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