We told you last year at this time that video marketing will continue to explode. And it has. Can you go anywhere on the web or social media and not see videos. And as we predicted, the volume of businesses, getting their toes in the Video Marketing ocean will expand even further. And for good reason, because as we have pointed out time and again on this podcast – Video is the new language of business marketing.
On this episode, Brendan and I are going to go over 5 things you need to know about video marketing in 2017.

On this Episode
Section One – Items 1,2 and 3 of what you need to know about Video Marketing in 2017
Section Two –  Items 4 and 5 of what you need to know about Video Marketing in 2017

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

      • Video Hosting is getting more sophisticated
      • Video Analytics is the means by which you can ‘listen’ to your target audience
      • Multiple Videos will become the norm
      • Facebook is the driving engine of Video Marketing
      • Onboarding videos are the next ‘must have’ type of video

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Get Started in 2017 with the right Video for your business

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