What is Video Marketing 2.0?

Video Marketing is going through a dramatic change. Instead of being a cool add-on video is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing event. Here at the Video Marketing 2.0 podcast we’re leading the discussion about this exciting new paradigm. We hope you come back regularly for more. It’s going to be a fun ride! View full story.


VM 2.0 Podcasts

Episode 54: Always Start With a Video Marketing Strategy

A video is simply a visual marketing tool. And like all marketing assets, without the right strategy, this tool can be blunted and deemed ineffective. That is why it is important to begin with a video marketing strategy that takes … See all the details about...

Episode 53: Using Video for a Boring Business

Let’s face it. Some businesses are just plain boring. That doesn’t mean that they should not use video marketing though. The exact opposite. Videos are a way to help add an interesting dimension and even humanize some of the most … See all the...

Episode 52: Increase your video ROI with conversion automation

The importance of increasing the Video ROI of your investment in video cannot be understated. In the new paradigm of Video Marketing it’s important to make sure your investment in video is converting leads and getting your message across in … See all the...

Episode 51: The Power of Video Analytics – Part 2

A key to success in any business endeavor is the ability to measure, monitor and modify business activities to get the best possible return on investment. This holds true for the use of video and video marketing. It is no … See all the details about this...

Episode 50: The Power of Video Analytics – Part One

To measure, monitor and control business growth you need the right business tools. And Video Marketing is no different.  With the stampede to using visual imagery such as video as a basic mode of business messaging and content creation, it’s … See all the...

Episode 49: All Software Companies Should Make 2 Videos

There are two main types of marketing videos that almost every SaaS and cloud based software company should use to grow their business. One is the overview video that conveys the value proposition of the software and the other is … See all the details about...

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